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Main projects performed through cooperation with foreign parties
S/N Description Designed capacity Time for operation Cooperative partner Service provided by QPEC
Licensor/engineering company
1 600ktpa propylene plant (through PDH process) 600000t/y Under construction LUMMUS (USA) Engineering
2 50ktpa NBR plant, Ningbo Shunze Co. 50000t/y 2011.4 Russia Rubber Research Institute E
3 115ktpa OCU plant of Fushun Hengcheng Petrochemical Co. 115000t/y 2011.11 LUMMUS (USA) E
4 Food and Pharmaceutical Grade White Oil, Tianjin Kaiwei Co. 200000t/y 2012.1 Chevron Co. (USA E
5 500ktpa styrene plant, Tianjin Dagu Co. 500000t/y 2010 S&W E
6 Ciba fine pigment project with high performance 500t/y 2008 Ciba Fine Chemical Co Ltd. Switzerland E
7 Architecture design for vitreous sanitary equipment of Kohler China (II) 100000m2 2009 Kohler (China) Investment Co Ltd (USA) E
8 Ethylene Plant, Shanghai Secco 900000t/y 2005 ABB Lummus, USA/BP Project management
9 QILU-EASTMAN TXIB/TEXANOL Plant 15000/12200t/y 2004 Eastman (USA) Supervision
10 LDPE Plant of Daqing Petrochemical Co. 200000t/y 2004 Technimont Co., Italy Supervision
11 Ethylene Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 450000t/y→720000t/y 2004 ABB Lummus (USA) Contracting
12 PVC Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 370000t/y 2004 OXYCHEM/Washington Group C
13 VCM Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 370000t/y 2004 Hoechst AG/UHDE E+C
14 Revamping and expansion of PVC plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 186000t/y→234000t/y 2000 Chisso (Japan) E+C
15 Revamping and expansion of VCM plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 190000t/y→234000t/y 2000 Hoechst AG/Krupp UHDE E+C
16 Ion Membrane Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 50000t/y 1999 De Nora (Italy) C
17 Revamping of OXO Alcohol Plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 70000t/y→120000t/y 1998 Kvaerner, Britain E+C
18 LDPE plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 140000t/y 1998 DSM, Netherlands/Technimont, Italy E+C
19 Revamping & Expansion of SBR plant of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 80000t/y→130000t/y 1998 Zeonex, Japan E+C
20 Revamping of Ethylene plant for Ethylene Complex, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 330000t/y→450000t/y 1998 ABB Lummus/Toyo (Japan) C
21 HDPE discharge system revamping of Qilu Petrochemical Co. 140000t/y 1997 Union Carbide (USA) E+C
22 Shandong Boxin fatty acid/fatty amine plant 13000/6000t/y 1996 Guarnaccia, Italy E
23 Styrene plant for Maoming Ethylene Complex 100000t/y 1996 Lummus/Snamprogetti E
24 Butene-1 plant for Maoming Ethylene Complex 15000t/y 1996 Zeonex, JGC E
25 Qilu Ethylene cracker revamping project, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 300000t/y→330000t/y 1995 Lummus/Toyo E+C
26 PS plant, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 36000t/y 1995 Toyo, Japan E+C
27 Butene-1 Plant of Xinjiang Ethylene Complex 10000t/y 1995 Snamprogetti, Italy E
28 PO plant of Zhangdian Chemical Plant 10000t/y 1991 JGC, Japan E
29 Polyether Plant of Zhangdian Chemical Plant 6000t/y 1991 Chisso (Japan) E
30 Unsaturated resin plant of Yantai Caustic Soda Plant 10000t/y 1991 Rick Howard (USA) E
31 DOP plant for Zibo Plasticizer Plant 50000t/y 1989 BASF, Germany E
32 Styrene Plant, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 60000t/y 1988 Lummus E+C
33 Butene-1 plant for Synthetic Rubber Plant, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 15000t/y 1987 Zeonex, Japan E
34 SBR Plant, Qilu Petrochemical Co. 80000t/y 1987 Zeonex/Mitsubishi, Japan E+C