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Summary of Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights Obtained Recently
S/N Description of Right-granted Projects Cat. Right-granting No. Mode for Right-granting
1 A new methanol recovery device in C4 downstream of ether Utility models ZL202022621109.0 Independent research and development
2 Latex spraying dehydrator Utility models ZL202022005866.5 Independent research and development
3 1-butene refining and energy conservation device featuring dual column and dual hot pump integration Utility models ZL202022114496.9 Independent research and development
4 1-butene refining and energy conservation device featuring hot pump thermal integration Utility models ZL202022114837.2 Independent research and development
5 Insulated gas discharge tube to cryogenic vessel skirt Utility models ZL202021208687.5 Independent research and development
6 Liquid butyl rubber catalytic polymerization system Utility models ZL201810142021.5 Independent research and development
7 Aromatics solvent removal and recovery system in alkane dehydrogenation plant Utility models ZL201922204253.1 Independent research and development
8 A process technoloy for recovering DEA and TEA from waste waters Utility models ZL201921399563.7 Independent research and development
9 Special gas check valve for VOC control Utility models ZL201921296535.2 Independent research and development
10 Continuous catalyst generation system Utility models ZL201921237833.4 Independent research and development
11 Composite rubber spray nozzle Utility models ZL201921545827.5 Independent research and development
12 Recoery device for organics-containing off-gas from AN absorber Utility models ZL201920971384.X Independent research and development
13 Oxidated dehydrogentation waste water stripping system Utility models ZL201921357095.7 Independent research and development
14 Plug-in type membrance distributor for falling membrance evaporator Utility models ZL201920663387.7 Independent research and development
15 Waster water recovery unit of oxidative dehydrogenation to butadiene Utility models ZL201320144653.8 Independent research and development
16 Installation template of anchor bolts for large towers Utility models ZL201320192708.2 Independent research and development
17 Built-in baffle of small diameter dumping hole Utility models ZL201320192707.8 Independent research and development
18 Heating device of large PDH Plant Utility models ZL201320402318.3 Independent research and development
19 Stripper technology of SBR & styrene Utility models ZL20142005906.6 Independent research and development
20 Waster water refining and recycling of monomer recovery system for SBR Utility models ZL201420017041.7 Independent research and development
21 Caustic washing equipment of poly-butadiene rubber Utility models ZL201420017803.3 Independent research and development
22 Caustic washing and de-acidification equipment of poly-butadiene rubber Utility models ZL201420017853.1 Independent research and development
23 Butene oxidative dehydrogenation reactor Utility models ZL201420015892.8 Independent research and development
Intellectual property list of SQPEC- patent technology
S/N Description Certificate No Remarks
1 MTBESupporting structure for catalyst beds in MTBE reactor zl200920238854.8
2 Delaminated separator with high efficiency for AN plant zl200920238851.4
3 Highly efficient electro demineralized and dewatering equipment with horizontal flow zl200920239687.9
4 Joint for HT end heat exchange tube and tube sheet zl200920238855.2
5 Light hydrocarbon tail gas recovery plant zl200920239683.0
6 Three-chambered oil and water separator zl200920238853.3
7 Rolling support structure for horizontal equipment zl200920239684.5
8 A spacer ring with internal heat insulation coating zl200920238850.x
9 Hanging structure for radiator tubes in steam superheater for styrene plant zl200920239686.4
10 Sulfur high efficiency recovery process with dual selectivity (invention) zl200910017706.8
11 Production of butene-1 through CPP and C4 (invention) zl200910018908.4
12 New connection between support and shell of steel spherical tanks zl201020536334.8
13 A new Baffle structure for discharge to fixed bed reactor zl201020536326.3
14 Caustic washing equipment package for polybutadiene zl201020289075.3
15 Air set for flue waste heat recovery and combustion promotion for steam superheater in styrene plant zl201020536322.5
16 Sulfur recovery plant with tertiary air distributor zl201120236018.3
17 Sulfur recovery plant with catalytic oxidation and absorption reactor zl201120236000.3
18 Sulfur recover plant with deep freezer zl201120235998.5
19 First BR polymerizer with quick blending section zl201120323278.4
20 Combined cross girder for fluidized bed reactor zl201120352034.9
21 Socket and spigot joint for large bearing beam and vessel wall zl201120352259.4
22 Types of new structures for catalytic rectifying column zl201120522778.0 Utility model
23 A waste water treatment plant for synthetic rubber plant zl201120524147.2 Utility model
24 New anti-vortex baffle zl201220096221.X Utility model
25 Three-kettle agglomeration plant for synthetic rubber production through solution method zl201220055732.7 Utility model
26 Monomer recovery plant for NBR zl201220298898.1 Utility model
27 Heat transfer-device for polymerizer zl201220130031.5 Utility model
28 Auxiliary sealing structure for agitating shaft of bottom type agitator zl201220180412.4 Utility model
29 Method to prepare dichloroethane through direct chlorination of dry gas zl201110430297.1 Patent for invention
30 Radial fixed bed oxidation de-oxidation reactor with sectional in-line regeneration of catalysts zl201220447164.5 Utility model

Portions of certificates for Patents


Patents No: zl201120522778.0
Patents description: Catalytic rectifying column


Patents No: zl201220180412.4
Patents description: Auxiliary sealing device for agitating shaft to bottom type agitator


Patents No: zl201220298898.1
Patents description: Monomer recovery plant for NBR


Patents No: zl201120524147.2
Patents description: Waste water treatment plant for synthetic rubber palnt


Patents No: zl201220130031.5
Patents description: Heat transfer device for polymerizer


Patents No: zl201120352034.9
Patents description: Connecting beam for fluidized bed reactor


Patents No: zl201220055732.7
Patents description: Three-kettle agglomeration plant for synthetic rubber production through solution method


Patents No: zl201220096221.X
Patents description: New anti-vortex baffle


Patents No: zl201220447164.5
Patents description: Radial fixed bed oxidation de-oxidation reactor with sectional in-line regeneration of catalysts