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Contracting and PMC for refinery project

QPEC owns Know-how of hydrogen-production for oil refineries. The 20,000 M3/H Hydrogen-production Plant of Qilu Oil Refinery was awarded National Gold Prize. The hydro-fining plant and auxiliary facilities of Qilu Oil Refinery were awarded National Silver Prize for its engineering design. QPEC is also engaged in constructions of numerous sets of refineries in China.

The revamp project of Qilu refinery was one of the key projects of SINOPEC during the Ninth-five-year Plan, with a total investment of 3.56 billions Yuan RMB. After the revamp, the processing capacity of crude oil for Qilu Shengli Refinery reached up to 8,500,000T/Y, In addition, it began to refine the crude oil with high sulfur imported from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with a processing capacity of 6,000,000T/Y. We contracted the construction for the 1,400,000T/Y Hydrogenation and Cracking Plant, 600,000T/Y Continuous Reforming Plant and 80,000T/Y Sulfur Recovery Plant. The hydrogenation and cracking reactor for the Hydrogen Cracking Plant weighs 930 tons which made a new national record in the integral lifting of large equipment. The Continuous Reforming Plant adopted the IFP second-generation super-low pressure continuous reforming Know-how of France, the domestic reforming CAT3961 and the domestic pre-hydrogenation catalyst. The Sulfur Recovery Plant consists of the sulfur production unit and the tail gas treatment unit, the commissioning of which was successfully made by once in Mar.2001.

The Qilu 2.6 million T/Y diesel hydro-treating and refining unit supervised by QPEC commenced its construction in Sep 2004 and witnessed one-shot commissioning by the end of 2005. The 4.1 T/Y diesel hydrogenation and refining unit, the 1.5 million T/Y continuous reforming unit, the 600,000 T/Y kerosene hydrogenation and refining unit, the 220,000 T/Y sulfur recovery unit, acid water stripping unit and solvent regeneration unit in Qingdao 10 million T/Y refinery project supervised by QPEC completed their construction and were put into operation in May 2008, where the former three are awarded with the prize of premium-quality works in Sinopec Group.