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Contracting and PMC for ethylene project

QPEC contracted the national key project Qilu 300,000T/Y Ethylene Project, with budgetary estimate investment of 6,300,000,000 Yuan, including 16 production plants, one self-prepared power and heat plant and its auxiliary utilities, during the Seventh-five-year Plan. This project was awarded Luban Prize of China Architecture Projects.

QPEC completed the whole-course supervision for 10 production plants and 35 auxiliary facilities of the national major project Maoming 300,000T/Y Ethylene Project during the Eighth-five-year Plan, which took the lead in supervision of large petrochemical complex in China. Maoming 300,000T/Y Ethylene Project was awarded Luban Prize of China Architecture Projects. Polypropylene Plant, and EG/EO Plant and MTBE/Butylene-1 Plant were respectively awarded Silver Prize of National Premium Projects. QPEC won National Advanced PM Organization of Projects.

During the Ninth-five year, QPEC completed in succession revamp of Qilu 450,000T/Y Ethylene Plant and Chlorine and Caustic soda Plant, an overall contract for the revamp of Qilu Oil Refining Plant, with total investment of 8,200,000,000 Yuan for these 3 Plants. QPEC won National Advanced Organization of Construction of Projects in 1998.

Qilu 720,000T/Y Ethylene Plant contracted and supervised by QPEC, was the 4th revamped ethylene plant after completion of revamp for the plants of Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Shanghai Petrochemical Co. and Yangzi Petrochemical Co., which was not only the technological transformation project mainly supported by state but also the key constructive project of SINOPEC during the Tenth-five-year Plan, including 7 production plants and 11 auxiliary facilities, with the total investment of 460,000,000 Yuan. Compared with the other 3 projects, this one used the shortest time and had the biggest difficulty. Commencement for majority of all the plants was in June 2003 and the commissioning was successful once through in Oct.2004. During this period, QPEC overcame many disadvantages like SARS and raininess and incorporated the 2 overhauls into one by optimizing the schedules and planning as a whole, which set a shortest duration record in revamp of similar ethylene project at home and abroad, especially, it took only 83 days for the ethylene plant to produce quality ethylene from the shutdown for overhaul and revamp, which created a new speed in revamp of the similar plants. The revamped key equipment DA-104 Tower, with the weight of 1,300T and height of 54M, was horizontally relocated in vertical position with whole-body, which set a record in weight and height of lifting at home.

Shanghai 900,000T/Y Ethylene Project supervised by QPEC was national key project, and one of the biggest major petrochemical projects during the Tenth-five-year-Plan as well as one of the biggest major joint-venture petrochemical projects, with total investment of 2,700,000,000 USD. The project of the Joint-venture Enterprise of Shanghai SECCO Co. Ltd., invested jointly by Stock Co. Ltd. of SINOPEC, Shanghai Petrochemical Stock Co. Ltd. of SINOPEC and BP Co. is located in SCIP, including 8 production plants and their supporting utilities, auxiliary facilities and infrastructures. QPEC undertook the management and supervision during the construction phase of the Cracking Plant of 900,000 T/Y Ethylene Project. This ethylene plant, at present, is the biggest one in productive capacity per cracking unit in China which adopts Lummus Know-how, with such characteristics as high technical difficulty, oversize of equipment and a large amount of works. Commencement of the plant was in March of 2004, the mechanical completion was by the end of 2004 and put into production in the first quarter of 2005.

Zhongyuan Ethylene Expansion Plant was awarded the premium project by SINOPEC in 2004.

Maoming 1,000,000 T/Y Ethylene Plant, 250,000 T/Y LDPE Plant and 640,000 T/Y Cracking Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit supervised by QPEC were successfully started up once through in 2007 and awarded the premium projects by SINOPEC in 2007.

The largest ethylene plants under the supervision by QPEC are as follows: PetroChina Dushanzi 10,000,000 T/Y Ethylene Plant and Fushun 1,000,000 T/Y Ethylene Plant as well as SINOPEC Tianjin 1,000,000 T/Y Ethylene Plant and Zhenhai 1,000,000 T/Y Ethylene Plant.